Screenings curated by Jen Ray with a focus on tap dance for theatrical and classroom-setting screenings at Festivals, Camps, etc.

A block of short dancefilms representing the international tap dance community with a focus on contemporary creators in the event faculty.

Can also combine with "Discover Dancinema" format to include follow up lesson & discussion.

Frederick, MD

Gaithersburg, MD

Dallas, TX


Long Train Running
The JaM Project
Sound & Color
Jason Luks & Melinda Sullivan
Listen to the
The JaM Youth Project
Shaking the Blues Away
Melinda Sullivan & Dante Russo
Farther Up the Road
The JaM Youth Project
The Syncopated Ladies
Sarah Reich's Tap Music Project
Dark Side
Reverb Tap Co.
Melinda Sullivan & Jeremy Jackson
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Sound & Color

Jason Luks & Melinda Sullivan