Frameform is produed by Rixey
Co-hosts & Collaborators:
Hannah Weber, Clare Schweitzer & Dancinema's Jen Ray

Season 2: May-October 2021


A unique year called for a unique plan. For our 2020 program,
hosted live events and offered online options as well.

Our home theater for Cascadia, Vancouver International Film Centre, began renovations before the pandemic and we look forward to returning in the future, however we are saddened that we, for the first time in 7 years, did not host any events in Dancinema's home city.

We had a LIVE sold out event at our Washington, D.C.

theatre of choice: Eaton Cinema at Eaton Workshop.
We practiced social distancing, masking, and had a happy and safe time. Especially after the shifts of the pandemic, we appreciated seeing these films in a communal and cinematic setting.

2020 Program


A curated playlist of dancefilms made during and in response to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic presented by Dancinema as part of our online programming for Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival and Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival.


This is a section of short dancefilms and screendances screening LIVE at Eaton Workshop in Washington, D.C. for our 2020 season.


This is a section of short feature films we are making available during the month of October

as part of our inline programming for 
5th Annual Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival and 4
th Annual Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival

October 10


We hosted 2 screenings at 
Eaton Workshop in Washington, D.C. for our
4th Annual Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival and
5th Annual Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival.

See selections & previews
at links to playlists 


Frameform is a podcast about movies, moving & everything in between.
Launched: August 2020 Produced by: Rixey Co-hosts & Collaborators:
Hannah Weber, Clare Schweitzer & Dancinema's Jen Ray


In Cascadia's fourth season, we screened 21 short dancefilms, 2 short documentaries Sound and Sole (Cara Hagan) & And Still I Continue (Kate Monson) plus exclusive previews of feature films Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance, Danseur, and Rumba in the Jungle: The Return  that audience voted on for future programming. We also screened the feature doc American Tap at Vancouver Tap Dance Society as part of their annual Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival. 

Our youth events included a Discover Dancinema workshop with Jen Ray as part of Shine Dance Festival's Top 10 Dancer event. Our youth evening program at  "Future In Focus" included a screening of short dancefilms, a compelling talk by Danielle Jeal titled "Don't Follow Your Dreams" and panel discussion on dance, creative careers, and entrepreneurship with Tamara Thompson-Levi, founder of Shine Dance Festival, and Valerie Poulin and Robbert-Jan Brems of Danse Bloom facilitated by Jen Ray.


We had our annual Programmer Panel/Dancefilm Forum with Steven Butler, Hannah Weber and Jen Ray to offer insight into the curation process & discussing relevant topics in dancefilm. 


We partnered with Screendance Forum to interview filmmakers, which you can catch on Season 1 of Frameform Podcast by Rixey, co-hosted by Hannah Weber, Clare Schweitzer & Jen Ray. Featured filmmakers include: George Turnbull, Steven Butler, Maxime Beauchamp & Kent Donguines (Aimer Films Inc.) & Eric Cheung.

n collaboration with Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival, Jen Ray facilitated a Tap Dance in Media Panel with Andrew Nemr, Max Pollak, Danny Nielson, & Demi Remick that you can catch on Frameform Season 1 as well.

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In our third season, we moved to our new home venue Eaton Cinema at Eaton Workshop and hosted 2 days of events: an all ages Saturday Night and family-oriented Sunday matinee.

We had our Programmer Panel with Steven Butler, Hannah Weber and Jen Ray and a “Future In Focus” panel on dance, creative careers, and entrepreneurship with Mark Orsborn (The Jam Project, The JaM Youth Project) and Rebecca Ferrell (Dance Metro DC) facilitated by Jen Ray.

We screened 17 short dancefilms, two short documentaries Sound and Sole (Cara Hagan) & And Still I Continue (Kate Monson)
plus exclusive previews of feature films Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance, Danseur, and Rumba in the Jungle: The Return  that audience voted on for future programming.

The workshop component of our events happened a few weeks prior to the screenings when Dancinema offered two Interactive Dance & Film workshops at The Kennedy Center as part of their opening festival for The Reach

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In Cascadia's third season, we added a pre-screening Programmer Panel to our usual Dancefilm Forum to offer insight into the curation process & discussing relevant topics in dancefilm. Panelists: Danielle Jeal, Steven Butler, Hannah Weber & Mark Orsborn.

Youth events in partnership with Youth Protection Advocates in Dance @ypadnow Discover Dancinema and The JaM Youth Project @jamyouthprojecttap included tap with Mark Orsborn, Jazz with Jen Ray, a movie night, and YPAD workshop on youth and media.

We screened 30 short films at our home base, Vancity Theatre, which featured films made by Vancouverites working locally, internationally & many other international films as well.

Exclusive events for filmmakers included interviews &industry insider talks from Screendance Collective's Hannah Weber and Film.Art.Dance's Autumn Mist Belk. Filmmakers in attendance: Sarah Prikryl, Rebecca Reaney, Gemma Brave, Ayla Amano, Maxime Beauchamp & Kent Donguines (Aimer Films Inc.), Steven Butler & Carissa Ashly.

We partnered with Standard Vision @standardvision on a Summer Showcase to offer three films the opportunity to screen all summer long on the massive outdoor screen at L.A. Live in Downtown L.A. Congrats again to Artistic Achievement Award Winners:

ColorwiseThe Seaweed Sisters, Angela & Ithyle
Elemental  Elizabeth Wadium, Aaron Granat & Solomon Roller
Letter  - Željko Božić & Saso Sith

Thank you Sinzi & Mark at Standard Vision f
or the opportunity!​

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In our second season had our "The Meeting of the Minds" with our Dancefilm Forum & Programmer Panel AFI Silver Theater & Cultural Center with panelists:  Steven Butler, Hannah Weber, Mark Orsborn & Jen Ray


 We screened 27 short films & an exclusive preview of Uprooted: The Journey of Jazz Dance at presented in two screenings: Evening & Night 

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Dancinema is commissioned by The Cinematheque in Vancouver to produce a live dance performance for the "Don't Lose Your Head!" Suspiria-themed halloween party and premiere screening of the remastered 1977 film.



The inaugural CAPITOL Dance & Cinema Festival
happens in Silver Spring, MD & Takoma Park, MD, U.S.A.

Our inaugural year included a Dancefilm Forum and 19 short films screened in three sections: Choreography, Statement & Narrative. 

We hosted two "Dancinema & Dialogue" screenings at The Dance Exchange, highlighting documentary features Renewal and Jig Show.

Event Venues: AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center & The Dance Exchange

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In Cascadia's second season, we focused further on "The Meeting of the Minds" with our Dancefilm Forum with guests from Dance Films Association, Cucalorus Festival, and Los Angeles Dance Film Festival. Our Panelists were: Jason Karman, Lex Roman, Emily Mikolitch, Brighid Greene, Mark Orsborn & Jen Ray.


Dancefilm workshops facilitated by Brighid Greene (Dance Films Association, Cucalorus) and Jen Ray offered filmmakers and dance makers to interact and investigate the interplay between Dance and Cinema.


 We screened 20 short films at presented in two screenings: International Contemporaries & Canadian Creators - which featured many Vancouver-based collaborators.

Venues: Vancouver International Film Centre's Vancity Theatre & The Dance Centre

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Dancinema partners with The JaM Youth Project to produce Recess! and creates a number of short videos as part of Discover Dancinema workshops held in Canada & the U.S.A.



The inaugural CASCADIA Dance & Cinema Festival
happens in Vancouver, B.C., Canada August 25-28.

We explored "The Meeting of Machines" through 9 Feature Films, 55 Short Dancefilms, and 4 Multimedia Performances.

Workshops included Tap with Mark Orsborn, Hip Hop with Marc Generoso, and Discover Dancinema with Jen Ray Festival Founder & Producer.

Event Venues: Vancouver International Film Centre's Vancity Theatre, The Dance Centre, Norman Rothstein Theatre, Hot Art Wet City & Fox Cabaret.

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Dancinema partners with The JaM Youth Project to produce two short dancefilms, Farther Up the Road & If I Ruled the world, which are selected to screen at: Los Angeles Dance Film Festival, ADF's Movies by Movers, Fine Arts Film Festival of Venice, Philadelphia Screendance Festival & Cucalorus Festival.

If I Ruled the World is featured as Dance Teacher Magazine's Video of the Month, as is Dancinema's first film Grey Matter.

Dancinema creates a number of short videos as part of Discover Dancinema workshops held in Canada & the U.S.A.
at Essence of Dance Inc,. Urbana Dance & Performing Arts 



Jen Ray Cucalorus Residency.jpg

Jen Ray / Dancinema Artist-in-Residence at Cucalorus Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Dancinema produces short film Willa & the Willis, which premieres November 2015 at Cucalorus, plus a screening & live music event at Bodega Art & Wine.


Discover Dancinema workshops are offered, introducing dance history, film technology, media literacy & "Dancinema History" to kids & teens.


2013 + 2014

Dancinema is established as a company and committed to be "a true fusion of dance & cinema through productions, education & events." In the first year, Dancinema delivered on each of these aspects. 

Dancinema's first film Grey Matter is produced with minimal budget and big ideas. Though not a "student film" for a particular program or school, the entire cast and crew (all 5 of us) were students at the time of production. Two edits are made: a Dancinema edit for festivals and a music video edit to be Chersea's official music video. 

Grey Matter  was selected for KCET Network's Global Dance Video program, screened at Broadway Art Walk (where it was voted audience choice), and screened at Cuclorus Festival in Wilmington, NC.

Dancinema produces Psyched visual effects for Vancouver's Psych Fest, and Dancinema's second short film Bittersweet, aptly named as Dancinema would be moving beyond Vancouver, becoming bi-boastal and international the following year. 

In 2014, Dancinema hosts small private screenings to share a curated selection of original works and invites seen on the internet and at festivals.