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I created this piece to express the impact that the things people say can have on you.

My inspiration originally came from a dance video which Ms. Jenna showed us in class one day where the dancers were covered in chalk while dancing. I really liked how it looked visually and wanted to incorporate it into my film. I thought about ways I could include it and one of the ways I thought of was that it could represent negative things people say. I created an idea that a group of us would use this chalk and spread it around on each other. In the end, this idea didn't work out because there wasn't enough time to teach and film it, but my idea remained the same. I modified it so that I was the only person needed in the film and it worked much better while still conveying the story.

Director & Producer: Reagan Cleland

Videographer: Leanne Cleland

Editor: Reagan Cleland

Music: Federico Albanese

Choreographer & Dancer: Reagan Cleland

Runtime: 4 minutes

The Weight of Words

Forever is about the use of colors to portray an aesthetic, inspired by Euphoria both musically and visually.  


My inspiration came from the visuals in the show including the side theme of finding yourself and how it reflects. Including the use of makeup looks, dialogue and dramatic lighting, dance is incorporated through the visuals and theme of finding what differs you from others. The song is simplistic with changing dynamics that add to the idea that getting to where you want to be isn’t going to be a straight line, there are drawbacks that you will have to overcome. I was able to experiment and experience filming myself and trying to envision different transitions and piece movement together for my first film project. This short film was made to build interest with the movement and editing throughout, and to see the result of new skills in film I have been taught in this course.

Director & Producer: Talia Williams
Cinematography: Talia Williams
Editor: Talia Williams
Music: “Forever” - Labrinth

Choreographer: Talia Williams
Cast: Talia Williams &  Hazel Mayer


When I started conceptualizing my film for this course,  the idea of good vs evil stood out to me because I  thought it would make a powerful visual while also  sharing a captivating message.  I choose to film the entire video in black and white because people often associate white with goodness and black with evil.  I sought to demonstrate how colours, actions and objects can influence and dictate people's perceptions of what they are viewing. Every day, people choose between the good and the bad and there are consequences to those choices and that is what this film is about.

Director & Producer: Emma Dolaptchiev

Videographer:  Ziad Aly

Music: “The Evening Waltz” - Celestial Aeon Project

Dancers: Hazel Mayer, Talia Williams & Reagan Cleland

Runtime: 2 minutes

Time of Life

My dancinema film is based on the concept of not feeling like yourself. The mirror portrays this story as my reflection separates from my own movement and does a different dance. My movements separated from the mirror shows a superficial appearance while the reflected version of the dance is meant to represent my true self. The music has a dreamlike quality which reflects the surrealness of the film. Additionally, the lyrics speak to someone trying to achieve who they want to become.

It directly talks about how you give yourself to a person to the point where they become a part of you eventually taking more until there is nothing left. I used this video to explore the idea that you give yourself so much to this fake identity that you eventually lose touch with who you really are.

Director & Producer: Jadyn Lalani

Cinematographer: Chelsea Lawrence

Editor: Jadyn Lalani

Music: Novo Amor - Repeat Until Death

Choreographer & Dancer: Jadyn Lalani

Runtime: 1.5 minutes


“You can’t live the next chapter of your life  if you keep re-reading the last one”



For my Dancinema project, I chose to create a film entitled “mental escapism.”

The concept is, in its simplest form, escaping darkness and mental “captivity” into a new life, one that is free and without judgement and negativity.


The intention of this video was to represent the transition from darkness to light in a format that showed it so obviously, but with an aspect of artistic-ness. The beginning was meant to look emotionless and metaphorically and physically “colourless”. The movement that the character (portrayed wonderfully by Elodie Cao) was restricted - there wasn’t any room for creativity or free expression. Then, the character transitions through a window into her future self. The future self is dancing in a more freeing way, a way that is less “restricted” and more open. I wanted this part to look natural, hence the outdoor setting and the colour


The concept itself was inspired by my own experience with embracing the past but not letting it affect my future and how I perceive the world. I saw this project as a perfect opportunity to portray this concept in a way that could connect to every audience on a personal level.


This film was shot in the Calgary Academy field and at Leap Studios, and on my iPhone 7 with an Osmo attachment. It was edited in IMovie.

Director & Producer: Elisa Erickson

Videographer: Elisa Erickson & Chelsea Lawrence

Editor: Elisa Erickson 

Music: “Rain Song” - Max Ablitzer, “Qi” - PHILDEL

Choreographer: Elisa Erickson 

Performers: Elodie Cao & Elisa Erickson 

Mental Escapism

My name is Hazel Mayer and I dance at Leap Studios. The film I created was an idea I got from my mom.  She thought that Northern Lights would make a really cool concept and would create good lighting for a dance film.


Throughout my filming I learned the process of making choreography and the difference between dance film and competitive dancing. I got to experiment with a bunch of different lighting including purple spotlights, regular spotlights, and galaxy lighting. My choreography and editing was based around the theme of northern lights. The turns and style of filming helped execute the idea of “dancing lights”. Emma who is the main dancer starts as being an outsider and soon is brought into the dancing lights with Talia, Reagan, and I. The music has high points and low points which reinforces the theme of the film.


Throughout this entire process I learned about the difficulties of creating choreography and the differences between dance film and dancing on a stage.

Director & Producer: Hazel Mayer

Cinematographer: Ziad Aly

Editor: Hazel Mayer

Music: La Terre Vue du Ciel - Armand Amar

Choreographer: Hazel Mayer

Cast: Emma Dolaptchiev, Reagan Cleland,Hazel Mayer & Talia Williams

Runtime: 2.5 minutes

Aurora Borealis

Thank you for watching!

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