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Dancinema 21/22: The Supercut

The Dance & Cinema Festivals grew out of a desire to connect those involved & interested in the arts & industries of Dance & Cinema. 

These art forms have incredible potential  to communicate through movement  & not only move viewers emotionally,  but amplify & clarify each other when intelligently combined.


Dance and Film, through their science & essence,  beautifully enable & and elevate each other.

This Festivals are focused on celebrating & sharing a high calibre & diverse range of programming.

We offer two destination events for Dancinephiles who want to see top quality technique, storytelling & creative expression on the big screen, cultivate their own skills by connecting  with industry leaders & those who are passionate about what they do.

Thank You to our past & present
educatioN & production

Select Workshops, Talks & Presentations

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Guest Curator


Select Performances & Screenings

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